5 Serious -and Not So Serious- Reasons to Avoid Going to the Strip Club

Most people find a night spent at the strip club one that fills their life with pleasure and enjoyment. However, the strip club is not the right place for everyone to go. Which category do you fall into? There are several reasons why you should not go to the strip club. The five reasons below are some of the reasons to avoid making that trip to the strip club.

1- You Think it Lacks the Same Values as You Hold

There are billions of people in this world so it is only expected that everyone has their own thoughts and opinions of various matters. Some people feel strongly about going to the strip club and feel that it is morally wrong. If you fit into this category, that is perfectly fine and it is your right. And, you should not indulge in the activities that take place at the club. But, bear in mind that others deserve the same opportunity to express themselves as you and many people find the strip club a great place to be.

2- Your Wife Will Kill You

There is no question that it is fun to go to a strip club and maybe the wife isn’t happy about that decision. However, she is likely to let you go on and enjoy the night out with the boys, so long as you return home on a timely basis. But, this isn’t the situation in every relationship. If your wife will flip out about your going to a strip club and there is a risk of knives being used or divorce lawyer being called, don’t go to the strip club in Dallas TX!

3- You’re Broke

Stripers are not dancing for good health, even though it does help them stay fit and in the best of shape. Just like anyone else who clocks in to the job, strippers are there to make money. If you cannot afford to go to the club, avoid going to the establishment. Strippers expect to be tipped and you don’t want to cause yourself and your family financial hardship to put money in the hands of a stripper. That is not worth the entertainment.

4- You Can’t Back Off

strip club in Dallas TXtipped

Strippers are there to provide entertainment to patrons in the club for the evening. The more that you tip them, the more they’ll entertain you. However, this is usually as far as it goes. If you are hitting up the club with expectations of finding a SOS, it is best that you avoid going out at all. This could lead to big disappointment and other headache and functions that no one wants to experience.

5- You Want to Be a Boring Person

There is life at the club and the women thee to entrain you come full force with their amazing personalities. If you want to be boring all your life, that is fine and that is just what will happen when you do not go to the strip club. It is a night to remember but only if you make time to go.